James Brown

Documentary Director / Editor

Over the past 20 years I have edited for many of New Zealand's top documentary directors and producers - Leanne Pooley, Annie Goldson, Cass Avery, Oskar Kightly, Roger Donaldson, Pietra Brettkelly, Justin Pemberton, Matthew Metcalfe and many others.

In 2013 I was awarded the New Zealand Film Award (Moa) for Best Documentary Editor with director Annie Goldson, and in 2020 I recieved the New Zealand Television Award for Best Editing: Documentary / Factual with co-editor Prisca Bouchet.

As a director I have been fortunate to be able to shoot all over the world primarily on my long form series "An American Rugby Odyssey" which has been filmed in New Zealand, USA, China, UK, Europe, Japan, Brazil, Fiji and Tanzania.